Case Study: Zimpliz


The best and easiest way to resolve your home needs.

Zimpliz is an e-commerce start-up company from Toronto, positioning itself to become the market leader in offering an on-line platform where Service Providers and Clients meet to realize service transactions. The company is currently working with Angel Investors and VCs in order to launch the services in North America.

Our work was focused

With Paul, we worked on building the entire MVP, and hosted in AWS.

To developed the fron-end, we used Bootstrap, JQuery, CSS, HTML5, many APIs, AJAX, and JS for an outstanding UX/UI.

In the fun part, the back-end, we used Python/Django, RESTful, and some Server-side integration of Facebook & Twitter, and SES for email sending campaigns.

Zimpliz service providers has a mobile app that is always reporting their position (GPS), so when a customer ask for a professional, Zimpliz knows who is the best and closer professional for that customer.

This is a great improvement for automatic service dispatching (cars, plumbers, electricians, and more)

For last but not least, we built the entire infrastructure in AWS, setting up the VPC with several subnets across multiple Availability Zones, security groups for the internal/external connections, configure IAM profiles for system access, create the autoscaling groups with the EC2 Django app with CloudWatch alarms for scale up/down automatically (also between multiple AZ), ELB, DNS (Route 53), S3 for the static content, and some fault tolerant strategies.

In addition, we did web crawlers to do some ETL magic on sites like,,, and, and for building automatic email lists.

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