Featured projects

Helpers is an iOS and Android mobile application that provides a free local safety net - a community of “Trusted” locals who are always nearby when you need them.

We took over responsibility for the entire solution, made improvements, added multiple new features and keep maintaining it.


Java Spring, Java (Android), Objective C (iOS), React Native, Reddis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB

SafeHouse Tech is an Indo-Israeli cyber security startup driven by the mission to secure everyone online.
SafeHouse is redefining cyber defense for consumers with its flagship mobile security app - BodyGuard.

We defined the architecture and original solution, developing the POC and MVP stages from scratch.


Django, MySQL, FreeRADIUS, libreSwan VPN, SoftEther VPN, Squid Proxy, iptables, Google SafeBrowsing, Native Android and iOS apps

Keeping your lab samples safe
Leading a new laboratory chain of custody standard

We developed the software solution that tracks the entire workflow.


Python, Django, React

Finally you can view and register all kid's classes, in one app.

We are a one stop shop for development of the entire product - backend, front-end, mobile apps and websites (including admin dashboard)


Python, Django, React Native

Emotion & Stress Management On-The-Go
A smart wearable breathing sensor generating soothing tactile stimulations synched with your breathing

Gen-X developed the mobile user application and parts of the embedded code running on the wearable device


Python, Django, React Native, BLE

The homemade food delivery marketplace - Find the best meals directly from chefs, cooks and food creators that you can't get anywhere else.

We joined the venture from day 1, provided full CTO, System Architecture and Development Services.


Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Ellr is not your regular motorcycle tracker, it is much more than that. Ellr automatically detects a theft and an accident and alerts not only the rider, but also his Guardian Angel, his riding group members and the nearby Ellr community.

Development of backend server, integration with IoT device, web admin and mobile apps.


Python, Django, Node.js, Android and iOS Native apps, Bluetooth, IoT proprietary protocol

Wiliot is a startup company developing Internet of Things technology for supply-chains and asset management.

Development of R&D tools for automatic code generation, asisted in improving development processes and QA (Wafer Verification) automation.


Python, Jinja2, Databricks, Jupyter Notebook

Autotalks chipsets offer the most advanced, secure V2X, vehicle to vehicle communication and V2i/V2x/V2v technology for autonomous connected vehicles.

Development of R&D tools for automatic code generation and streamlining of the development processes.


Python, Jinja2

POV's BI system presents an accurate and up-to-date picture of the organization and makes it possible to make decisions based on all organizational information sources.

Modernization of web dashboards in their current and next-gen products.


HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solution - Albert is the only marketing AI software that autonomously plans, executes, tests, optimizes and evolves paid search, social, and programmatic campaigns.

Introduced Django/Python technology into the company, helping build up the product's new backend and framework. Ramped up Django skills of the entire R&D team in a joint co-working venture.


Python, Django

IoT Chefs is a One-Stop-Shop for IoT - imagine, plan, design, develop and deploy IoT platforms.

Our sister company and valued partner - working jointly on the most interesting and bleeding cutting edge IoT projects.


Django, Python, Java, React Native